Tyler Craig has been working the comedy circuit full time since appearing on BET Comic View. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Tyler has become a hometown favorite. Fans tune in to Comic View just to get a glimpse of him at work. Tyler is known to conclude his storylines with the cliché “And the moral of the story is” followed by a funny but meaningful one liner.

It was during the World famous Bronner Brothers International Hair and Fashion Show in 1992, in Atlanta, Georgia where he got his first start in front of a live audience. Tyler was asked to go on stage and entertain the crowd while the models changed for the next scene and he surprisingly received a standing ovation. His performance prompted a relative to enter him into a local Gong Show where he walked away with first place honors.

In 1994, Tyler launched his comedy career. Since then, he has appeared on every comedy stage in Georgia leaving promoters satisfied and audiences wanting more. His comedic style appeals to individuals from all walks of life and he has been blessed with the opportunity to perform in the nation’s top comedy clubs. Raised in a talent-filled environment, Tyler was taught the values of respecting and honing your craft. Tyler continues to assume this tradition and has been labeled one of the most respected comedians amongst his peers.

Tyler has established himself as a connoisseur of all areas his talents reach which includes: Hair Stylist, Modeling Instructor, Actor and Comedian. With his personable spirit, Tyler is a versatile performer that can adapt to any audience or situation. This quality is finally paying off as promoters, producers, directors, talent agencies and well-established comedians are calling for his services as his name is becoming a buzzword around Hollywood


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